It was a year that belonged to Djokovic, Alcaraz, Gauff, Swiatek, and Sabalenka. But in the end, Jannick Sinner stole the Davis Cup, and the hearts of the tennis world!

Also, we pay tribute to a legend. Coach Dave Snyder was one of the greats in Texas Longhorn history, and meant the world to Jonny, AZ, and thousands more whose lives he touched over an incredible life in tennis.

On the debut of KickServe ROCKS, REO’s Kevin Cronin joins the team as our featured new “band-mate”

And Mats does a nice rendition of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, only to be complimented later for his great job on Stairway to Heaven!! Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

Shanghai was some big-boy ballin’, and Jessie and Leyla went off too. But somehow we got on the subject of Mac and his band rockin’ Denver. And AZ was right there with him.

And Ben Shelton, Grigor, and Sebbie get some love this week, too. Oh, and we got a REAL rock star joining the show. This thing just keeps getting better!

When you sit down and take a look back at this career of Chrissie Evert, the numbers are astounding. And that’s exactly what we did when she went into the USPTA Hall of Fame, on September 27th.

Also, John Embree calls it a career as USPTA CEO, and what a run he had! Plus, “hey Mats, when you look in the mirror for the first time after reaching #1 in the world, what and who do you see”?

Coco breaks through, and Novak does it again. Is Coco on the verge of a huge run, or is the pressure about to ratchet up exponentially??

Also: Ben Shelton, the phone thing, really? Maddie Keys, as tough a loss as a player can have. Can she bounce back stronger?

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