Carlitos is all smiles on the grass, but the Djoker getting to the final on one leg is nothing to laugh at!

Also…Alcaraz teaming with Nadal in Paris?? We’re suddenly all-in on Olympics men’s doubles!

Has Wimbledon ever been more wide open? Is the #2 seeded, 7-time champion even playing? Tommy Paul is definitely living his best life!

And…an exclusive with Texas Longhorn great, Eliot Spizzirri. You can’t help but root for this kid. He is special.

The French Champs are the best, everyone else are the rest. Carlitos was en fuego, and Iga has women’s tennis by the throat. A bit ironic that Sinner is #1 after his RG result? Is Osaka back to being a threat?

And…Johnny Mac getting a little “makeup blowback”? Is he a bit over the line, or do people just need to get a grip? Honorable mention to Jasmine for her double-final.

Not much to say….but goodbye to an all-time great.

AZ and Jonny hold the fort, while Mats takes a very scenic route back to Paris.

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