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Kevin Larson Presents: THE WHITE ROSE GALA, Denver’s HOTTEST New Year’s Eve Party!!!

This year’s WHITE ROSE GALA will be held at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in downtown Denver, and is sure to be an extravaganza like no other.  The Roaring 20’s theme will provide a spirited atmosphere that those in attendance won’t soon forget!!  Kevin Larson Presents:  THE 2017 WHITE ROSE GALA, and Kevin’s HERE on KSR with AZ, to tell you everything you need to know to get ready!!

Kevin Larson joins AZ to tell you about THE WHITE ROSE GALA, a new year's eve party that is on your bucket list, whether you realize it or not!!

by Andy Zodin with Kevin Larson

Confused by the NTRP system?? USTA’s Heather Hawks joins KSR to help us all “get it”!!

You might be amazed at how many things about the NTRP system are less crystal-clear than you think. AND… many sites are out there giving bad info on ratings.  USTA Senior Manager of Product, Events, Ratings, HEATHER HAWKS has the unenviable task of telling AZ that his rating is actually NOT the same as that Swiss guy named Roger.  That, and other ridiculous myths of the rating system are discussed in this USTA edition of

USTA's Heather Hawks has the lowdown on the faq's of the NTRP system.

by Andy Zodin with Heather Hawks

Steve Flink is among one seriously impressive class of inductees into the 2017 Induction Class of the International Tennis Hall of Fame!

It’s a class that includes Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters, the late great Vic Braden, Monique Kalkman Van Den Bosch, and of course Steve Flink, who tells us about what an incredible honor it was, to be enshrined along side these all time greats of our sport.

Steve Flink talks glowingly about the 2017 enshrinement ceremony into the 2017 International Tennis Hall of Fame!

by Andy Zodin

WILSON RACQUET SPORTS National Director of Promotions joins AZ on KSR

Tim Buwick, National Promotions Director of WILSON RACQUET SPORTS has plenty to smile about, and be grateful for these days, as the WILSON Pro Team is having SOME SEASON on tour.  With Roger and the Williams Sisters leading the way, Tim talks about his superstars, and why YOU should try one of the new sticks that are producing title winners, on what seems like a weekly basis!!

Working with the "Madison Avenue darlings" of tennis has been Tim Buwick's daily life, as National Promotions Director of WILSON RACQUET SPORTS. Hey Tim, enjoy what Roger's been up to lately??

by Andy Zodin

2 MinuteTennis Zone gives you the goods, on the 2017 DENVER CITY OPEN, brought to you by Game Set Match!

Great tennis played at the 2017 Denver City Open.  Great job by Eric Holmes, Dan, Gray, Patti Bowman, and the entire City Open team.  For the most part, youth ruled the day.  But one unlikely old guy won a match or two, himself!

Another great year of tennis, at the 2017 DENVER CITY OPEN, played at the Denver Tennis Club, and brought to you by Game Set Match.

by Andy Zodin

Ryan Harrison breaks through in a big way, teaming with Michael Venus to win an improbable, INCREDIBLE French Open Men’s Doubles Title!

Pat Harrison was a heck of a player at Ok St, and a darn good coach, and he couldn’t be more proud of his three kids, Ryan, Christian, and Madison….the oldest of which just did some serious damage as AN AMERICAN IN PARIS!!

Proud Pat Harrison joins AZ to discuss his boy, Ryan's incredible win at the French Open, with Michael Venus!

by Andy Zodin

NET GENERATION is USTA’s latest new initiative that will create a impressive network of junior tennis providers, and Craig Morris joins us to tell you more!

Craig Morris is the General Manager of Community Tennis & Youth Tennis at USTA.  He comes to us from Tennis Australia to head the new, NET GENERATION initiative, which without a doubt will be a game changer in networking providers of American junior tennis!

USTA's Craig Morris talks Net Generation with AZ.

by Andy Zodin

Steve Johnson, Sr. joins AZ to chat about his son’s recent Davis Cup experience, and the immense pride he feels today!

Stevie Johnson

In a candid conversation with Steve Johnson, Sr., after the recent Davis Cup tie in Australia, Stevie’s father opens up about the USC experience, Stevie’s recent battle with Sir Roger Federer at Indian Wells, and a dedication to fitness and conditioning that is clearly paying off in a big way!!

Steve Johnson and AZ have a great chat about Stevie, college tennis, Davis Cup, Roger Federer, and Sergio Garcia!!

by Andy Zodin

AZ catches up with former USC Trojan great, Sean Brawley!!

Sean Brawley

Sean Brawley has taken a lifetime of tennis, and crafted a coaching process that expands well beyond tennis and sports.  Here with AZ, Sean talks about his time with The Inner Game’s author, Tim Gallwey, and a “dream assignment” that had him picking the brains of some of the very best in the sport of tennis….including the best of all time!

Sean Brawley has an interesting visit with AZ, and his time with Tim Gallwey and recent sit-down with Roger Federer are among the day's topics.

by Andy Zodin